As one chapter closes, another one opens

Last Tuesday I gave a presentation on blogging to the East Bay Artists Guild. It was in regards to how artists and photographers can utilize this method of marketing over just having a website with static pages. Especially now that blogs in general are undergoing a transformation from just being journals to being a blend of website pages and journals.

The presentation was to be only ninety minutes, but with a wonderful and engaging audience it ended up being three hours, even then I could have continued for much longer and as you can see by the photographs, I was enjoying myself.


August 17, Pleasant Hill Community Center

On another bright note is that the last four months of cardiac rehab has come to an end, as I attended my last class, yet I am still not out of the woods. Though I have my 20-24 hours per week back, there is plenty to catch up around the house, while also maintaining an aerobics program so not to lose what I have gained. In the meantime we are also in the process to see if the insurance will pay for another four weeks of cardiac rehab but that may take a while. Never the less, for the next couple of months I plan to set aside time for visiting blogs and commenting, maybe even writing a post now and then.