My first heart walk

This last Thursday I participated in my first American Heart Association Walk for 2010, joining the staff of Alta Bates Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Center and patients.

Alta Bates Cardiovascular Rehabilitation group

The weather could not have been any better, considering Friday was overcast and there is a forecast for light showers today. We were a small group of 23 individuals when considering Kaiser Permanente, Wells Fargo volunteers and other groups who participated in the annual event.

We meet at the clinic where Susan made sure we all had our Alta Bates T-shirts and red caps from the American Heart Association. Alta Bates Hospital provided two shuttle buses to take us to Lake Merritt in Oakland, where the festivities where being held.

Our group was divided into two, those who could manage the entire distance, while the other group did the one-mile route. As you see by the images, I choose the distance.

Alta Bates Cardiovascular Rehabilitation group

Lake Merritt is a focal point, as it stands out as a jewel of Oakland, with its unique combination of fresh and salt-water, it is the larges such lake in an urban area; consisting of 3.4 miles around the circumference of the lake and covering 155 acres of land.

The Cathedral of Christ the Light

We passed a variety of interesting architecture along our journey, including numerous wildlife from egret, herons and Canadian geese. It was at the half way mark I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right decision concerning my shoes, as I had opted for lighter weight then the heavier exercising ones, due to the distance, but all I could do was continue on with determination and so I did.

Once back where we all had started, Subway provided us with the selection of either a turkey or vegetarian sandwich, which came with a banana and a package of peanuts.
By the time I came home, I was indeed exhausted and my feel had paid their price, and yet if I were asked to sign up for the 2011 walk, I would do so without hesitation.

Though now I am home from cardiovascular rehabilitation last four weeks, I have begun to pick up the many loose ends that have been neglected since May. Though I long to paint and draw, it must wait but it also means I have not been busy enlarging my collection of photographic images of the Berkeley Telephone poles. A number of these I shall share in a couple of weeks.

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