This award is yours too

After being up late, past 3:30 in the morning doing what I love, blogging, I arose to what could have been my birthday. Not fully awake and only semi conscious, I reviewed my eighteen emails on my cell phone. Moving from one email address to the next, a message seemed to poke me gentle on the side, alerting me that I had been nominated and the recipient of an award.

Now normally I would make my morning tea, have a look at the bird feeders to see who was visiting and wait for the water to boil. Rather it was down the stairs to the guest bedroom that has been serving as my office to grab the laptop and headed back to bed.

Still not being fully awake, my fingers became busy typing away on the laptop keyboard, formulating my acceptance speech, which in the end after posting, I deleted. Deleted only because in my enthusiasm in which I failed to congratulate Betty Manousos, who’s blog Cut and Dry received numerous awards in recognition from other bloggers. Though I did acknowledge Betty having reached a major milestone, one that reflects the many reasons for her having been awarded numerous awards, today she marked a major milestone of four hundred followers. Do have a visit to her blog, especially if you have never visited Cut and Dry before.

Now the award already had me—a person of sixty—feeling like a little school boy back in elementary when a girl had paid me some attention. You see I was already dating Barbara at the age of six and we were very serious as school chums go, but that is a story for another time — maybe. Now I was already saying that I felt like it was my birthday and it certainly could have been when I made another discovery. Three new artists’, who came for a visit, had kindly added themselves as followers while I was sleeping. I welcome you to my portion of the infinite universe.

Since it felt so much like a birthday, won’t you please join me
in a slice of a coffee cake and a cup of tea . . .

Thank you Betty, followers and all visitors for your gift,


LemonyRenee' said...

I'm glad you were recognized, Egmont, both with an award as well as with three more dedicated readers. Congratulations and well done.

jeannette stgermain said...

I've been away too long, Egmont! Sorry, life had a few unexpected turns for me in January (not serious).
I was admiring your painting of the iris on your other blog, and when I started reading your text I realized I missed much!
Whenever convenient visit Phivos' blog (on ART NOTES) -he has many pics of Berlin on his blog.

Teri said...

Egmont--that coffee cake looks wonderful! Do you make it? I guess I am going to have to visit your other blog to see the iris I keep hearing about. I guess I wasn't aware there was another blog. You are always so gracious and kind with everything that you say. To that I say: congratulations.

Patrina said...

I would love to sit and have some of that lovely coffe cake and a spot of tea with you. Thanks for asking.

Congrats on the surprise award

Patrina <")>><

Anonymous said...

Dear Egmont, How really exciting! I am so pleased for you and what a nice way to begin the weekend.

I always look forward to your postings which are never without interest and beautifully presented. You fully deserve a 'Creative Blogger' title. Have a very happy weekend.

La Dolce Vita said...

Congratulations, my dear, you certainly deserve this award and I am sure awards will pile up on your side bar, so talented are YOU!

Susan Deborah said...

Dear Egmont:

As you enter another year in your life, I wish you all that your innermost self desires and everything that is required to complete you.

Congratulations on the Lovely award. You definitely deserve it. May you write great posts and may your followers increase.

Joy, peace and hugs,

layers said...

congrats Egmont-- and thanks for the new blog link

Seth said...

Some special things for you to discover upon awakening...all well deserved. Congratulations on all.

Maggie Neale said...

Awarded and recognized, visited and honored by presence, you deserve it all. Wish I could take you up on celebrating with coffee cake and tea...looks lovely, Egmont. Enjoy your almost birthday and have some more.