A tea convention

When ever possible, I have been gathering information and links on the subject of tea for a blog currently under development, of which my good friend Monica, of twenty-nine years is aware of. So if Monica comes across something interesting, she has passed it along to me for consideration. This time, she learns from a friend about an artist who paints with tea and that he is displaying his work at a tea convention in Las Vegas. Obviously both peaked my interests, especially the tea convention. So I would like to pass along to all those who participate or follow in Kimmie’s ‘Tea on Tuesday’, or just enjoy tea trivia, what I have learned.

This coming June 11 through the 13th, World Tea Expo invites top vendors, potential buyers and others related to tea industry to the annual Tea Expo held in Las Vegas. The main objective of the event is to gather tea professionals, R&D executives, merchandisers, scientists, and entrepreneurs into a single arena. This year the even is being held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, but in 2011 it will be the Sands Convention Center. During my web research, I also discovered that in December 2010 the Macau Tea Expo will be held at the Guanggzhou, China.

As I now drink exclusively tea, I have discovered that sales of tea products since 2008 are expected to increase by $3 billion at the end of 2010 in the United States alone and that about half of all American households have ready-made tea products in their home. All of this is good news, especially for those who drink green, white, or herbal tea for their health.

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Though most of this month has passed, did you know that it is National Poetry Month? Back in 1996 the American Academy of Poets established the concept in the hope to increase the visibility and availability of poetry in popular culture. With the success of Black History Month (February) and Women's History Month (March), the Academy in conjunction with poets, booksellers, librarians, and teachers, chose April as the best time to turn our attention to poetry. Finally

in two days from now it is the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day
and though change has begun, we are far from the end.
Today we are still facing global warming, pollution,
species endangered of extinction and more; it is
therefore imperative that we make further
change in our habits and our life style.
More over our government needs
to take charge, setting an
example for other
nations to

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Anonymous said...

Dear Egmont, You are always investigating new things I do not know how you manage to keep up with it all. Your tea facts are most interesting and, of course, tea is an essential component of the English psyche. It is, I find, the answer to most things - cooling in summer, warming in winter,a medication for all manner of ills etc. etc.

Unfortunately, I shall be unable to comment or post for the next ten or so days. But, I shall return!!

I love your new header and hope you are well.

Sophie Munns said...

Dear Egmont,
you left the most charming, adorable comment which made me laugh and my heart sing.
Its is not the OZ way to be so free with good will and complimentary comments...so of course this tends to make such generosity of spirit more special. A little boost was needed for the fatiqued artist and received... thank you!

I loved to read on Tea ... a pretty image on the Tea Expo card and the blog that is coming. I like tea in winter and in lovely fine cups with saucers. otherwise i tend to pass it by!

Poets.org YES!

....and earth day YES! very important.

Getting use to less of everything would be a place to start for us in the priveleged parts of the world. I was quite alarmed that we had a northern american show on TV last year that showed Green homes ---but despite good intentions most were castles. Some were australian so I cant point fingers and say you northerners have it a little OTT!
We are doing very well - 3 adults in a smallish home... we are quite green here just because it does not take endless resources to run this home. I wish for a bigger studio sometimes...but I got all my work done for my solo show and and i feel far less guilty the way we are living. All food is made from scratch and fresh every few days...we dont have a big fridge.

I dont own very much really... it works . I concentrate on generating projects that keep my spirits up instead of shopping and owning stuff I have to look after!

I have a car... I am not a purist... and I eat chocolate and drink good coffee. I consume things of course but I know these days my relationship to things is more awake.

Well heres to all of us setting examples in many ways Egmont... Great post!!!
best wishes,

Catherine said...

Dear Egmont,

Who knew there was a World Tea Expo? How wonderful it would be to attend that. I love my tea. I have never really been a coffee drinker, it was always tea for me.

My first cup of tea ever was with my grandmother when I was about 5 years old. I think it was half cream and sugar with a splash of tea...and lots of cookies...ha!

Earth day ~ a very important day indeed!

Take care, warm wishes!

neva gagliano said...

hmmmmmmm. still drinking one cup of java here!! but appreciate all your "tea/earth/poetry musings"...definitely an appropriate combo....lovely new look to your blog...i've been off the computer a great deal, and enjoying my morning brousing a bit. appreciated your note last week, rock talk!! all the best!2u

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Ciao Egmont, é molto interessante quello che dici circa l'artista che dipinge col tea!
grazie per tutte le informazioni sono anche io una estimatrice del tea

La Dolce Vita said...

Hello Dear Egmont!

tea on tuesdays! and for us, everyday!!

giving up coffee was the toughest thing... italians do love their espresso! but now I feel far more creativity in my choices of what I drink! teas have way more possibility!

Earth Day is every day for some of us, when you dig and plant in the earth you cannot help but want to care for it. yes... our Gov needs to take charge and lead! a great post!

Sam Liu said...


I too am a lover of tea, my personal favourites are Green, Jasmine and Traditional Earl Gray, without any sugar or milk.

And, on the topic of Earth Day, it is a subject we should all pay keen attention to. As you say, progress has been made, but more still needs to be done if we are to save this beautiful planet and all her creatures.

Kimmie said...

Until recently I was a 1 cup of coffee and endless cups of tea per day person .... I have completely slid off the coffee wagon though and am now fully immersed in the world of tea. The more I read about all the good "stuff" in all kinds of teas the bigger that world becomes. And now I will have to try painting with tea :)

Thank you for dropping in on my blog and your kind mention of the Tea on Tuesday gig. (Tuesday's are) definitely a bright spot in my week :)

ooglebloops said...

Painting with tea - hmmmmm. I always think it is such a waste, if any is left in the bottom of the cup!!!!! You must go to the Tea Expo and report back!!!! Tea, poetry and the earth - you did cover my 3 favorite subjects- thanks for dropping by!!!!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Those who love poetry will love it no matter what month it is. Those who hate it will hate it even more when it's put in their faces for a month.

Me, I'm a lover of poetry. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

English Breakfast for me, with milk. If you offered a cookie with it, I wouldn't say "no"!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Lovely and informative post Egmont!
The Tea event certainly sounds interesting and worth while ... hoping someone goes and can tell us all about it!

You strike me as one who makes each and every day Earth Day ... always caring and conscious of our great Mother Earth!

Your all things tea blog certainly sounds intriguing too!

Brightest of Blessings to you and yours!

Mark Sheeky said...

As I sip down my green tea and sugar (naughty!) instead of my silvertip white tea and whiskey (even worse - only a surrealist would discover such a divine combination!) I'll salute this post and tea generally. Happy poetry month Egmont.

Ange said...

Another rich post from you Egmont that merits thought and time for commenting. I wonder if my favourite tea merchants, Betjeman and Barton will be at the convention. We buy our tea almost exclusively from there (Eric has never once tried coffee). I presume you will be attending ?

It should be an Earth day EVERY DAY don't you think? But oh how hard it is to get people to change even a little the comforts of their everyday lives.

Never give up and do it as poetically as you do, I say!

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Dear Egmont,
I hope you're doing well.
You are such an awesome artist!
Tea, poetry and Earth, how lovely!
I go green and I love green tea, and I'm also so conscious regarding the environment.
Thank you for your informative post:)
Warm regards,

layers said...

I am also a big tea person- everywhere I go I am on the lookout for some new tea to bring home. I have been away teaching a workshop - and as I teach all over the country I have found some interesting teas..and I love April because it is Nat. Poetry month-- I get a poem a day from a book store during this month..

prashant said...

I too am a lover of tea, my personal favourites are Green, Jasmine and Traditional Earl Gray, without any sugar or milk.

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rivergardenstudio said...

Poetry, tea and the earth, I love the way you study the things that you love... happy spring to you and to our beautiful earth... roxanne