Art for Aids 2011 Auction

Last Friday I attended the 15th annual Art for AIDS 2011 Auction in San Francisco, held at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria. This event had its beginning back in 1997, when a group of friends wanted to give back to their community and so Art for AIDS was born.

In the early years the planning committee consisted of a small group of artists, a teacher, a mental health program manager and a sales person. The days and nights were filled with soliciting artists, searching for sponsors, creating marketing materials, publicizing the event, pleading for sponsors, and driving to Napa Valley for wine donations and seeking sponsors. Since then each year Art for AIDS has gained in stature and notoriety, and continues as an event that follows its original mission—to raise much needed funds for those with, and at risk for, HIV.

This year I was invited by my good friend and photographer, Charles Anselmo, a contributor and member of the Art for AIDS juror. He had asked me to contribute a work of art for the next event in 2012, to which I have agreed.

So I wish to share with you some of the incredible art in a slideshow and my experiences at the event with photographs I had taken.

Samples of artwork from the Art for AIDS auction -
(all images from Art for AIDS website)

Here is a selection of photographs I took. As you can see I had a great time.

Leah Lau, UCSF AIDS Health Project Board Member, photographer and 
exhibit juror being interviewed 

Leah Lau

Franc D’Ambrosio, cast member from The Phantom of the Opera

View from the second floor of the bidders

Art work samples for the ‘live auction’

Patrons viewing the art

One of the booths for the ‘silent auction’ 

Patrons sampling some of the many delicacies being offered

Charles Anselmo, photographer, A4A juror, contributing artist and 
DeWitt Cheng, art critic and A4A juror, talking with an attendee


My good friend Charles Anselmo standing next to his large photographic print featuring
Room 3, Hardin Elementary School, New Orleans, Katrina aftermath

Greta and Manu Schnetzler, Target Practice, print on metal, being auctioned

Charles Anselmo, Room 3, Hardin Elementary School, New Orleans, 
being auctioned by Patrick Walsh

Jock Sturges, Except for Clarke, LA Jenny, 2009 print being auctioned

Michael Venera, artist and winning bidder of the Jock Sturges print

Catherine Mackey, Globe #3, Multi-medium painting


Names mentioned in this post and their appropriate link:

Art for AIDS website

Art for AIDS FaceBook page

Leah Lau, UCSF AIDS Health Project Board Member,
photographer and A4A exhibit juror

Charles Anselmo, photographer and A4A exhibit juror
(site under development)

DeWitt Cheng, art critic and exhibit juror

Jock Sturges, photographer

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Seth said...

This event looks like it was both fun and a success. Congratulations on being given the opportunity to be included next year and to be able to contribute to such a worthwhile cause.

linda said...

hi egmont...glad you are involved in this worthy cause....my brother has been HIV pos. for over 25 years and thanks to the drug cocktails, he is well....but it's not easy and very difficult at first....congratulations and thank you for sharing these works...they are fabulous!

tess stieben said...

Quite a quality affair and art. Hugs!