The beauty of a magnolia

The last ten days or so, I have been exploring further the potential of the iPhone 4S camera as an artistic tool, including the many different applications available at iTunes to manipulate and enhance those images.

Though there are obvious limitations, there are also many other advantages allowing for spontaneities without having to carry around a bulky load hanging from ones shoulder. So on a recent walk I came across a magnolia tree just begging to be examined more closely for that interesting flower.


With the desired end results achieved, there is the wish for some to know how the final image was achieved and as one can see from the collage, the original photo is rather drab in appearance. Though it is not a fair representation of iPhone’s capabilities, I should note that image was taken at dusk, hence the drab colors, which proved advantages in the end for achieving an old masters painting look.

Magnolia — before and after

In order to achieve the appearance of the final image, all post work but one were done within the iPhone, using Snapseed and ScratchCam, both available at iTunes. After saving several versions I wanted to blend the black/white old age emulated results with a more colorful version to attain a painterly quality of an old master, whose painting has been covered with decades of neglect.

Though there are applications available for merging two images within the iPhone, I elected to import both images into Photoshop for this final step, primarily because I wish to find a suitable program for the iPhone and not be rushed into it. In the meantime I continue looking for my next iPhoneography or Instagram photo.

This renewed vigor in photography has not only been a bust creatively but also kept the dark clouds from invading the mind, collapsing ones daily routine.

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Jala Pfaff said...

How lovely!
I wish I had the iphone 4. I only have the 3 and the difference in camera quality between the two is unbelievable.