Taking nothing for granted

Most of the leaves have now parted from their security, having had their last dance with the breeze before touching the ground, where they joined others in the making of nature’s blanket that protects the earth from the night’s frost. As the sun’s pale golden yellow rises over the hills edge, mornings dew looses its grip, slowly surrendering to the spell of the warm light. So to the year approaches its last breathe, bringing not only a year to a close, but a decade of turmoil and uncertainties, which hopefully will also come to an end.

As I reflect upon the last ten years and my own challenges and demons, there is one bright spot. It started to blog seven months ago with the establishment of my first blog The Artist Within Us and this was shortly followed a month later with Four Seasons in a Life. It not only offered a new activity, it kept me from focusing upon my own situation and the stalemate that has lasted now six years.

In these past few months in which I have been blogging, a number of friendships have begun to blossom, exchanging private correspondence and more. Then there are the many wonderful readers who have acknowledged me with their favor by becoming a follower, all of which I greatly cherish, taking nothing for granted, including the comments they have left behind.

Shortly we embark upon another year and a new decade, one that lies before us like a blank page awaiting our mark. Where our journey will lead us over the next few months is anyone’s guess, I just know that we will each continue to share our separate paths, with one another, enriching each others life, one day at a time.

May your life be a blessing each day
as the sun graces your presence.


Anonymous said...

Exactly so: I know what you say is expressed from the heart, and may we indeed all long continue to share thoughts and experiences. All the best for 2010.

layers said...

With all the strife, problems and world bad stuff-- it is nice to find small pockets of peace, inspiration, kindred spirits in the blog world.
have a happy, peaceful new year.

Margaret Ryall said...

Your words to describe the slow passing from one season into the next had a lovely, calming effect on me today. It is good to look forward in our life with the same anticipation as we have for the seasons. There will be positives and negatives and we can only hope the positives win.

John M. Mora said...

Thank yo for honest reflecrtion and a moment of peace - all my best - regards from back east.

The header photo is particualrly striking....

sophie munns said...

So well said for this moment in our lives Egmont.
A beautiful thought to offer we readers as the year draws to a close, the decade draws to a close and in the midst of global uncertainty to be reminded of what is of value perrennially... that is your gift to us!

Thank you for adding such enormous soul and solace to the journey that is blogging!

May your xmas season be filled with love and light,

Maggie Neale said...

Dear Egmont, your words are salve for the soul, your descriptions are endearing and so true. It is a chance meeting in this blog land and I am glad for it.
Peace be with you...light, love, and laughter in these dark days which soon will grow. Hope is a gift.

Happy Solstice to you and yours.

Lawendula said...

Wonderful posting, Egmont, such warmhearted words. Du sprichst mir sehr aus dem Herzen.
Alles Gute für's Neue Jahr!

Ange said...

the depth of your 'richesse' as we say in French moves me every time and I feel deeply privileged to have met you. I hope your 6 year stalemate gently budges - ends of decades normally have the habit of moving things along.
May all the angels' blessings be bestowed upon you...


pinkfairygran said...

Such a beautifully worded posting... reflective and calming in a strange way, and hopeful too, in looking ahead to the new decade.
From a fellow blogger in Norfolk, England, with six inches of hard snow on the ground.
May your Christmas be just as you want it, and may the new year bring you all you hope from it.

La Dolce Vita said...

your post is so beautiful and uplifting while acknowledging the challenges that we have all experienced. though our struggle may not be over, it is our connections that will see us through.

take nothing for granted... I think it will be my New Year resolution...
thank you!

Kim said...

Beautiful in pictures, words and spirit Egmont! It certainly is the season for reflection and to remember that our cup is always half full. Certainly blogging has opened up my own world and I am thankful for the wonderful people whom I have met and continue to be inspired by each time I visit their world or they step through into mine, yourself included. Hugs for the festive season, hope yours is wonderful!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautifully said...Egmont. I look forward to 2010 and the continuation of blogging. Your thoughtful posts and comments are a of all days, Happy Solstice.

Dorothy said...

My first visit really nice blog.

Dorothy from grammology

Anna said...

Dear Egmont,
Everything you said reflect my very similar thoughts and feelings; I wish you continuous inspiration for your wonderful art and blog postings, and for the joy and wonder generated by these new friendships I hope and wish they grow and last for a long time. Happy holidays! Good health, peace, happiness for 2010.

Seth said...

Beautifully said -- from the heart! I too find that blogging has opened up a whole world to me. It has been so nice "meeting" and getting to know you. And I wish you nothing but the best for 2010!

iNdi@ said...

i'm reminded time and again
what a wonderful thing it is
that a system invented for the military
does its bit for world peace
by allowing random but satisfying connections
best wishes

Stephen Baird said...

i a so incredibly impressed by your artistic eye. your photos are fantastic. even more i am impressed by the blogs you have chosen to follow and the quality seen in different art arenas displayed. bravo! your eye sees things that are truly uncommon. i am really delighted to have been included in that incredible group you follow.
nikonsniper steve

yvonne said...

YOu always have beautiful words. One things is certain for 2010, there will be change for the world and for each of us. I wish you peace, inspiration and good health.

Protege said...

Beautifully poetic and delicately sincere.
Your writing is like paintings in colours on a rainy day. Love it and I love the sentiment within this post.

Thank you for your very kind words at my place and for your visit.
Have a wonderful Christmas.


Kelly M. said...

peace, my friend, peace . . . xoxo

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful words of life and the seasons. It is wonderful to make new friends..
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

gunsan said...

Dear Egmont, I love your reflrctions. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season and a great new decade waiting for us. May we both get the gift of living it through, we "oldies" .-)
All the best from Gun

Trudi Sissons said...

As always, your thoughtful words inspire and your gratitude is always from the heart.
Thank you for this along with the many times you've so generously and mindfully helped me with my fledgling artistic efforts.

Jill Zaheer said...

I always love your writing, the spirit that you write in, and the graceful way your words just seem to float as they tell their story.

Your pictures, thoughts and feel for life are inspirational. Very best for an awe inspiring 2010 with continued blessings for us all!

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Egmont, your words are like a winter song. Your samara photograph is truely like the year's passing. I am so happy to have a new year approaching, new goals, new projects, a new light. Winter blessings, Roxanne

elizabeth avedon said...

I look forward to many more of your insightful posts. Happy New Year 2010!

John M. Mora said...

happy new year. here before there....but there 3 hours later.

Crayons said...

Thank you for this thoughtful farewell not only to 2009, but also to a v-e-r-y interesting decade. Your careful and graceful writing style reflects the content so well. I like the title of your post. Bonne annee et meilleures voeux pour 2010.

Betty said...

Egmont, very poetic post!
Great describing of the slow passing from one season into the next!
Lovely photos, too!

ooglebloops said...

All the best to you in 2010, and I wish for you an abundance of creativity and the peace that will come with it.....

kanishk said...

I like the title of your post. Bonne annee et meilleures voeux pour 2010.

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Shayla said...

Nice to meet you, Egmont. Your photo of the maple leaves is beautiful. May you continue to find creativity and peace amid turmoil.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Beautiful post ... take nothing for granted in this fragile life we live!
Thank you for this wise reminder!
All the Best to you!

Laura Hegfield said...

Egmont, your writing expresses many of my own thoughts and feelings about the ups and downs of this decade and the deepening connections to new friends and acquaintances through blogging. How blessed we are (despite the devastating events that never seem to end) to be able to establish new friendships across mountains, lakes, oceans, and continents.

happy new year