Overcoming an HTML hurdle

To some of you it may seem that I have abandoned my effort by not posting, but nothing could be further from the truth. First off, I wish to express my sincerest gratitude for all the comments that I have received at The Artist Within Us and here at Four Seasons in a Life. It is also important to me to acknowledge the many new individuals who have added either of my blogs. I thank you kindly for having done so.

For several months it has been my wish to return the compliment to everyone who is a follower and something I have not done because there was a plan to create a more user-friendly system for all the resources and blog roll links I knew there would be over the following years. First I needed to figure out how to create a three-widget-column blog that is also is an extension of Four Seasons in a Life, while maintaining my current blog though it needed to be transferred.

This major hurdle was finally overcome last night and I managed to transfer the entire blog roll, but there is still more to be accomplished over the next several weeks. The plan is to also move all the resource links from both of my blogs to the Directory, including adding the remainder of those whose compliment of following me I have not returned.

A major criteria was also to separate and categorize the blog links so that a visitor could quickly locate their particular interest and as you have a look at the Directory, let me know if you feel I should relocate your blog’s link.

With the creation of the Directory as a separate blog now behind me, I fell that I can begin to focus on the stories in development for future posts.


Protege said...

Sometimes I am struggling with the same issues and the design of a blog is actually very important. It has to be clear, easy to navigate through and of course it should immediate be a reflection of who we are or what we are trying to express. I have never tried any html myself but after reading this I am intrigued.
Love your new look.;)

La Dolce Vita said...

Oh my, this is just splendid Egmont! You are brilliant!
I must say that this is a great way to accommodate the ever growing list... I have certainly realized that this is overtaking my blog as well. Brilliant!

I was just starting to write you a note to make sure you were ok, and here you were hard at work! so relieved... I will get on with my day!!


such great insight for us all who blog - format and organization being major considerations! good to see you again!


egmont - i have just visited your blog roll and directory! what an incredible undertaking AND result! very very well-done, sir!!! a great great feature! and i am very honored to have had you remember me in your ancestral directory!!! thank you!

John M. Mora said...

Well done - very attractive format and easy to use.

Kelly M. said...

You missed your calling in life -- you should be Head of Reference! This is an incredible resource tool for artists, writers, poets and more in a well-defined and easy to navigate site. In reference land we call these types of blogs/sites Portals because they assist the user to reach other sources. I know the hours you must have spent to coordinate this all, and thank you for including my blog!

Marina Colombo said...

Egmont, questa รจ proprio una splendida idea, degna di una mente brillante! E' per me un vero onore essere stata inclusa nel tuo repertorio. Grazie davvero e a presto!

layers said...

Egmont, you are always working to improve and enhance-- it all looks great.

Betty said...

Hi Egmont, so glad you're back.
Just brillannt!and easy to use format.
I love your blog! It feels honest and authentic!
:)Have a great weekend!

sophie munns said...

Hi Egmont,
How excellent!
I think you could easily be paid a consultation fee for blog setup and problem solving Egmont. Always it looks wonderful and it works!
Each time i check in I am reminded of my haste to post and add bits of this and that - and my tendency to overlook various construction matters.
You did offer me a tiny surprise in terms of the category for my blog. I guess thats because I identify with being an abstract painter who draws from life to get inspiration and dabbles in other forms to participate in certain events. Eclectic yes! Textile work was a short spell last year.
Its always interesting to see what comes it doesn't surprise me you might have elected to add me to textile art.
I'm too much addicted to paint and brushes to feel really at home there and I am a very anarchic printmaker and pattern-maker who wont adhere to process with discipline at all - lies are always intentionally wonky, edges often raw...etc.
You have been very busy. Shall look forward to see what's next at your studio Egmont!

Ange said...

Right I'm off to see your directory - then try and figure out how to do the same thing myself!!! I'm lucky just to be able to type ;-) Drawing the winners tonight so tune in tomorrow!

Congratulations on all the hard work!

Ange said...

Yes well AHEM! I just wanted to get a tiny bit more specific; YOU've done a MAMMOTH effort! WONDERFUL Egmont!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I admire your organizational skills and efforts Egmont!
I have so much to learn in tech land!

Anna said...

Phew! I am so glad you are back!
I missed your postings and... I was worrying!!!
Good job with the directory;
and for including my blogs: thank you from my heart!

Trudi Sissons said...

What a fabulous resource you have created with the direction. I know each of the links you've provided will be inspiring and I look forward to visiting each of them.
Like many of your other commenters here,
I fall very short of taking the time to create blog posts that are anything more than a ten minute commitment. Both you and "Layers"-Donna are excellent examples of the 'art' of blog compositions/layout/design.


October 1967 - was a very significant month for me - it marked Canada's centennial and for me a move to a large city. I think I see Twiggy? and I look forward with great anticipation to your progress with these thought provoking images.

Thea Schrack said...

I feel honored, thanks for the "blog of the Month" post, and I just realized you have mulit-blogs, no wonder you need a dictionary!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Margaret Ryall said...

This is beautifully organized Egmont. I still have lots of links to follow.

ArtPropelled said...

Egmont your directory is so well planned. I'm impressed! Designing something like this would have me floored.

Mark Sheeky said...

Organising ones e-presence is a challenge true! Well done on overcoming this hurdle. You've got at least twenty seasons here alone :)

Mark Sheeky said...

PS. I'd like to nominate Wetcanvas into the Artists Resources. The forums are amongs the largest on any subject on the net and very useful.

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Egmont, I think your new directory is so impressive too! And I love the photo/collage in the first photograph, so clean and simple yet elegant. I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one. roxanne

Maggie Neale said...

Well, Egmont, I haven't even been to your directory, but I'm impressed already just from the comments! Maybe there is more "intuition" going on here than you might suppose. I'm glad for your posts! Be well.

Gaby Bee said...

I have just visited your Blog Roll and Directory, it's so well planned and really easy to use.
Thanks for the inspiration and for introducing me to new artists!

Maggie Neale said...

What a fabulous directory! You are a genius! Thank you.

Catherine said...

Hello Egmont ~ thank you for visiting my blog the other day and your very thoughtful and kind comments.

As I scroll through your blog I am drawn to your beautiful pictures, especially enjoying your pictures from December 20th ~ fantastic! And your self-portrait is amazing.

Painted Lady looks like a very sweet kitty ~ four legged friends always bring such joy!

Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend! Catherine a.k.a. Corner of Cat's Mind