A day like no other

In two days my daughter will graduate from high school and before this month is out, I too shall be celebrating with the closing and opening of another decade in my life.

No longer do I count the years individually like pages in a book, rather I am looking at the each decade as a chapter, some which are leaner than others, while a few appear rich and full, able to stand on their own. Still I cannot help but feel there are not enough hours with which to fulfill what a creative heart desires to achieve.

Yesterday was such a day in which, one can say I ended up burning the candles at both ends until 3:40 in the morning before turning off the computers, only to rise less than five hours later and start all over.

Time management becomes more problematic even with today’s technology at our disposal, connecting on multiple levels, yet we have the ability to make choices. Some decisions are made for us because the medium we once used has changed and not adopting to current methods is like having dial-up and not DSL or cable.

The purpose of Four Seasons in a Life is my way of adapting to the universe outside of my world and sharing with you my creative processes and challenges, along with a good dosage of courage and optimism during these difficult economic times, for it is important not to lose sight of ones aspirations and dreams.

We need to keep reminding ourselves that small wonders are to be had, free for the taking, if we simple remain alert and our heart open to receive them. Even right now in a moment of internal silence, sitting at the kitchen table with my morning cup of tea, the doors, and windows open to air the house, I hear an orchestra of birds singing away, even under an overcast sky, as a small gust of wind moves a wind chime to tune.

My moment of serenity lasts only for a few minutes, but enough to last the day.

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