End of an era

Today Eastman Kodak Co. announced that they will no longer offer Kodachrome film or it’s processing after a seventy-four year run as one of the best colour films ever invented.

According to news reports, Kodachrome amounted to no more than a fraction of one percent of Kodak still-film sales and only one lab in the US had offered it processing.

The unopened film box, including the unused roll of 35mm film, I have had since 1972 and in 1975 Kodak introduced Ektachrome Professional and from that point on, Kodrachrome started to decline in usage.

Now the box and cartridge are displayed among other ephemera on my bookshelf.

Three weeks earlier, one of the best Ektachrome labs on the west coast liquidated their equipment, closing their doors like so many other film processing labs in the Bay Area.

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