A struggle to be heard

Image from CNN website

On the ninth of June I had written a draft about what I thought was going to occur in Iran on Election Day, as my children are half Persian and half German, but in the end I decided to keep my feelings to myself. Yet with what has been happening this past week and a half, have kept me occupied watching the news like many others here in the US and abroad.

Unfortunately what I feared has occurred and blood has spilled onto the streets and now the ruling religious leaders have drawn a line in the sand, but change, potential change cannot come about with people filling the streets and demonstrating because those in control will not allow it. Therefore we will see more violence and killings in the days to come, as a nation struggles for a new direction.

Image from CNN website

In the meantime I am disappointed by the American news media coverage, even though they monitored Iranian state run television, they have failed to share what is being reported by Alzagira TV, and other Middle Eastern news services as to the crises in Iran. On the other hand I am very pleased that we are receiving almost endless news reports about Iran, along with a good dosage of contemporary Iranian history, giving the American public a better understand about a country many hardly know or even understand.

For now one can only hope that the cracks continue to widen and before too long the current political structure crumbles and is being replaced with something more moderate and contemporary as its citizens can stop suffering, while our two nations establish better relations.

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